Private Lesson Policies, Procedures & Payments

PRIVATE LESSONS OFFERED: Voice, Piano, Acting & Combination Lessons


Payments are based on a monthly payment plan. You pay for the total number of lessons in the year, not the total number of lessons in a month. The registration fee holds a place for a student and is non-refundable except when no suitable lesson time is available.


In addition to the DOWN PAYMENT, the tuition balance can be paid one of three ways:

  9 equal payments ~ each installment due on or before the last day of each month August 31-April 29

  2 equal payments ~ Half Yearly Tuition ~ Due August 31, 2015 and December 31, 2015

  1 total payment due by August 31, 2015

A credit card is required for registration. See CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION for the form.


The length of the course is September – May. Lessons are in 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. Music lessons generally follow the public school calendar. Lessons begin in September and end in May. New students may begin study on the first of any month if the space is available. Tuition for these lessons is prorated.


  Music may be purchased at ABBY’S Performing Arts Coaching for $10 each

  Music can be purchased at the following websites:,, or


All students are required to practice the week’s music assignment daily (or as assigned by instructor) until the next lesson. Parents must accept their responsibility in seeing to it that the student does the required practicing. Consistent lack of practicing is grounds for dismissal.


No make-up lessons or tuition credits are given; however, one extra lesson has been added in May to be used as make-up lesson in case of emergency to be determined by owner. In regard to Hurricane closings, one make-up will be allowed per season. In regard to a cancellation due to an emergency by the instructor, a make-up lesson will be permitted.


If a student is 15 minutes late to a lesson, the instructor is not required to teach the lesson.


We understand children become ill. In this event, please keep them at home as a courtesy to others. In the event you cancel due to sickness 1 make up lesson per semester is permitted pending a slot opens up in the instructor’s schedule. The rescheduled lesson must be done the following week or the lesson is lost. 


We strive to offer the BEST course in music education available anywhere! We expect and require our students to have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Students with a negative attitude will be asked to leave.


A $20 late payment penalty is added to any account that is due on the first of the month but not received by the fifth of the month. Failure to remit the late payment penalty and the current tuition payment before the 30th of the month will necessitate in dismissal of the student.


If for any reason, the student quits the course before completion, payment through the end of the month in which the student terminates is due. 30 day notice is required when a student leaves the course. If a students quits at the end of the month, the next month’s tuition is due and student has the option to continue lessons that last month of payment.


Payments are non-refundable and credits are not given.